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Thursday, November 02, 2006

And so THEY said...

They said that if you want go up, you have to be more sensitive and listen to others.

I heard that if you want to be paid, you better shut up and keep your comments to yourself.

They said that there is no distortion or manipulation, it's just about the way it is framed and relayed in the appropriate context.

I heard that you shouldn't be criticising and harsh but be mellow and just make things sound the way WE want to hear it.

They said that there is a culture that you need to adapt to and that you have to make sure others have a positive impression of you.

I heard that you better maintain the status quo here and that you better suck up to your superiors or they are not going to like you.

They said that you won't be happy here unless you can accept the above "truisms" and you can accept producing work that maybe you are not even convinced of but for some reason or another, it has to be done.

....You know I think I heard that right.

Remember these words, my friend, the world rewards conformity and obedience. The only question is how much of your own soul and identity is it worth...?