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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Nothing New, Something Current

Unfortunately I am unable to provide any novel insight for some time, as exams tend to occupy any discursive thoughts and have to be dealt with in the meantime. So while I have exams on the one hand (quite a plentiful including additional classes I have taken up), the other issue that I am juggling with is movement out of my lone residence into shared accomodation.

It needs no second guessing that I have been a classic hermit, been very reclusive, anti-social and reticient on sharing my privacy with others. However, it is with strange wonder and perhaps unimaginable amazement that I decided to withdraw from my "ascetic" lifestyle and afford myself an opportunity to live in shared housing with other peers. I shouldn't dramatize this to be a giant leap, I have, so as to speak, taken "baby steps" and subdue this "leap of faith" by resorting to stay with one person. He/She would be a stranger and more than likely still distanced from my own privacy or sphere of space.

I am not afraid nor anxious about the shift I voluntarily undertake now, in fact I am partly overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation of stepping into new boundaries. Most people would never view this as a "grand move" but I like to think we have our little challenges ahead of us that will pave the way to larger goals and achievements. For me, this marks as one of them.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Little Song Dedication

Since everyone needs a good laugh or two now and then, here's a little song for you.

Eric Idle of Monty Python Fame FCC Song
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